Hi there,

My name is Kareena.  And I’ve been reluctant to say that “Jesus Is Why I Am So Pretty” is about me.  But it is.  When sitting down and mapping my vision for this blog, I realized that I want it to become an organization, a philanthropic foundation that works to bring awareness to issues of poverty, but also to issues concerning individual purpose, destiny, and talent.  I’m not sure that I’ve heard that rhetoric anywhere else, which is why I’m moved to create it here, and why I want to find others who might be interested in the same thing.  That starts with me, here, and now.  (And if you know me personally, you know I’m not the most bare-all, extroverted person in the world.)

Yet and still, my goal is to encourage and be encouraged.  To inspire and be inspired.  It is to ultimately be moved to do the best work that I can for the Lord, knowing that all my equipment, justification, and strength in order to do something like this comes from Him.  JIWIASP is a blog about me and my lifestyle, yes, but I don’t want it to be–solely.  I want it to be a much larger movement and encouragement to be all we were each intended to be, with Jesus Christ as our focus, our Lord, Shepherd, and Savior.

So here’s to “God-fidence.”  I hope that you, reader, will join me as I introduce ways, themes, issues, and passions for being more deeply engaged with our world.

To our success,


2 thoughts on “JIWIASP – A Short Letter to Readers

  1. Kareena – what a delightful surprise to read your coming out blog about purpose, individuality and you. Well done. I look forward to seeing more of your bold ideas to share with others.


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