I’m gonna go for it… Again.

It was in 2015, I now recall, that I became a writer.  I always knew I was one, though, because if you knew me as a kid you know I was that little, light-skinned bookworm sitting in a corner quietly with her nose tucked between two pages.  Or in a tree.  Or hanging upside down off the couch.  You get it.  But it was when I turned 25, I remember, that I took a real stab at writing.

I did NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) for the first time ever in 2016.  I wrote close to 34,000 words!  It’s still a little hard to believe!  It was all a mess and a nightmare, of course, and I’d rather give my middle toe than to have anyone see it, but it’s there.  My words, an extraction of the story in my head that I’m trying to tell – to bring to life.

So what happened with it, you ask?

Ohhh, you know… Life.  Incessant busyness.  Holidays.  Work, family, friends, travel, all the like.  At the time I actually was attempting to write, and to write better, but it was not toward my novel.  I decided, too, that after having looked over what I’d written, that I needed much, much more research, to really hit the thing on its head.  So then, as some writers may be familiar with, the good ole research rabbit hole ensued.  Not that that’s all bad, but here it is 2018, and I haven’t added a single fresh word to draft two (though there is much poetry and short story fiction to have benefitted from that absence.)

I heard on a writers podcast last night, and I paraphrase, “You have to keep going by any means.  If you allow yourself to stop, that’s when you’re done.  If you stop, how long will it be for?  A day?  A week?  Months?  Years?”  That really got me.  Although I have tons of other projects going on, like my delegate trip to Mexico next month (more on that later!), if I decide to stop completely I may as well consider this project abandoned.

The idea for my novel at this moment is entitled, “Bethel.”  It’s a story set in Old Testament times – biblical times – and it involves four characters:  Jonai, Tabitha, Elijah, and Shelem.  I’ve always been enamored with this time period and certain themes surrounding it.  When I read my Bible I’m not only enthralled with the message, but with the question of, “How did people truly live like this?”

And so since last night I’ve gotten some wind under my britches.  I’ve added some inspiration to my “Bethel” Trello board, and I’ve come up with a writing technique I plan to try on my official second draft starting this upcoming week.

Wish me all the luck and things!  There might be a book that comes out of it!

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