It’s been a long time coming since I could get out the country again, in any official capacity.  For what I consider my life’s work, it meant a lot for me to be able to do so.  But it certainly took waiting, and patience, and obedience, discipline and persistence.  What do I mean?  Well, put shortly, it meant I had to suck up my wanderlust, carry out the abhorred mundanity of corporate life, and wait on the Lord to provide an opportunity to do what I desire, within His will.

It was not easy.  But it was worth it.

My trip to México just a couple weeks ago was nothing short of amazing.  I am so thankful to have gone on an amazing trip with amazing people.  

My work is in the field of international affairs and international development.  I’d previously thought my work would center around issues and relations in Eurasia and Africa, but after having gone to México I realize I am equipped right now to focus my attentions on North and Central America – the Caribbean included.

I’m sharing the following in hopes that they would shed positive light on what is for me a very important experience of God’s subtle and yet enormous manifestation of purpose in my life.

Plus… they’re fun and I’m pretty hilarious.

Plus, it’s México.  So here you go!


Just hanging out on top of el pirámide del templo del sól.

Meetings and discussions at México’s congressional headquarters, and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Wonderful cultural sites along the way.  So awesome!

Murals of Diego Rivera

The National Palace, of which I still need to chew on Señor Diego Rivera’s exquisitely intellectual murals.


Rich (and tragic) history at Tlatelolco y La Plaza de las Tres Culturas. 


One day I’ll see a ballet at El Palacio de Bellas Artes!


Prayer:  Lord, thank You for the opportunity to do Your will.  May we always be receptive to hearing Your voice, and may we always be surrendered to Your way.  Amen.




Have a blessed week!

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