Planning my summer writing retreat

The theme is going to be “energize.” Which seems a bit counterintuitive, even to me, because I plan on chilling hard, and cranking out the first draft of my short story, “Mutiny.”

I’m super excited! I got the idea to plan a DIY writing retreat when I realized I had neither the time nor the patience to apply for the more upscale writers’ retreats and residencies. Also, I live in California, and leave, why?

(Side note: I’m a fully adopted Californian at this point.)

I’ve got a birthday coming up on a Thursday and figured why not take a Thursday and Friday off from work, and plan out a full-scale retreat? Since the idea is now a plan-in-motion, I’ve gotten more and more excited about how it will go down. (Or how I hope it will. Things happen.)

Here’s what I’ve got planned so far!

A day trip to San Diego, on the Amtrak Pacific Surfliner.

This Thursday also happens to be my birthday! Yay! So while I’m sure I’ll be getting phone calls and having slight disruptions, being on the train for four hours total with great views of the Pacific Ocean will undoubtedly keep me focused and inspired.

Scrumptious meals and a full buffet at my apartment. 

I’m not lifting a finger to cook during the retreat. That means meals are going to be planned and prepared, coffee (and iced coffee) will be at the ready in abundance, and yummy, healthy snacks will be laid out and ready to munch on.

I’m clearing out my bar area to make for an easy-access pit stop between needing a stretch and breather before getting back to the words.

Another day trip, to the library and park.

I’ll need another change of scenery. I’ll have my “writer’s kit” and a picnic, and have the same mentality of getting words churned out. The less I’m concerned with the logistics of what to do and where to go, the better. Grass, trees and fountains inspire me.

Also, “Mutiny” is a historical fiction. I’ll use the second or third day of the retreat to double up on research and writing. Picture me at a table with a stack of books tabbed open for notes to infuse into my story. Yeah. That’s perfection!

And there you have it!

I’m thinking a seasonal, DIY writing retreat will be an exciting and effective boost to my productivity. The summer is a perfect kick off, and I’m looking forward to seeing where this story ends up!

Until next time, and Happy Writing!


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